Arcade 1up Children of the Corn Replacement Acrylic Marquee

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This is for a Yoga Flamed cabinet. 

 This is a designed marquee for your arcade 1up 

  •  This is a simple swap out process no adhesive or removing of old print.
  • You will need to loosen an remove one side of cabinet to access marquee on this title. 

This is not just a vinyl decal this is new reverse printed Acrylic.

 With zero color washout,  colors stay true and vibrant lighted or not lighted.

this was scanned from an original full size arcade cabinets marquee for true arcade accurate artwork.


All of these have been rescaled to fit Arcade 1Up  from years of reproducing arcade art. All of these are from original full size cabinet files that I have spent endless hours on redoing each and every single marquee for accurate arcade reproductions

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